Some of my favorite spots on the Web, and resources Iíve used to build this site.


Information Architecture / Interaction Design

Boxes and Arrows
Cleverly named, and full of great resources for IA.

Blog of Louis Rosenfeld, one of the authors of the definitive "Polar Bear book".

The Information Architecture Institute
The mother ship for all things IA.

General User Experience

Adaptive Path blog
Full of insights and industry news.

Don Norman's site
Check out the essays from this groundbreaking author.

UIE Brain Sparks
The articles are great, but the podcasts are the can't-miss here.

Jakob Nielsen's site is filled with tips and best practices.

Eyetrack III
Coming from the newspaper industry, I've always been particularly interested in Poynter's research in this area.

Used to make this site

The lightbox script used on this site is from here. I liked that it allowed for a variety of media, including HTML, SWF, and Quicktime.

Microsoft Design Gallery
Images on the site are from here.