Kent State University

LMS Site Rebuild Web Usability Test


Name of Facilitator:                                          Date:


Subject status:       _____Undergrad




                             _____Faculty (How many years?_____)




                             _____KSU staff/admin


                             _____Library staff


Subject’s occupation or field of study:


Has the subject ever used the KLMS website before? 

___ yes ___ no

If yes, primarily for what reasons, and how often:


Is the subject’s first language English?  ___ yes ___no

(if no, what as native language?_________________)


Total number of hours spent on the web including e-mail per week: ___

Favorite websites:

Frequently used computer software:

Read this to the subject before you begin:

The goal of this test is to evaluate some designs for a new website.  The design of the site is in the early stages and the pages I’ll show you are not in their final form. I will ask you a series of questions and would like you to think out loud while you are participating in the usability test.  Some of the questions are easy and some are more difficult.  Don’t worry if you can’t find the answer every time. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have them, however I may not be able to answer them right away as we want to see what people do when they don’t have someone sitting right next to them, but I will most certainly answer anything I couldn’t answer during the test, once the test is complete.  We are going to be recording your movements on screen using a software tool called Camtasia.  Right now I am going to ask you to sign something for us.  Basically it says that you are giving us permission to record your mouse movements with Camtasia and use your input from this test and that you acknowledge that the information we will gather during this test will only be used for the purposes of this project.   Remember:  we are testing the effectiveness of our site design – this is not a test of you, you can do absolutely nothing wrong here!  Do you have any questions before we begin? 


First I am going to ask you to look at this screen without using the mouse.  What do you think is the purpose of this site? 

What do you think are the goals of the site?  In other words, what do you think the designers want the people using the site to be able to do?

Can you tell me if this site is affiliated with a larger institution?  How did you determine this?

Does this site convey the image of the university presented by other Kent State sites you have visited?

What types of “media services” do you expect to find on this site?

Now please look at the screen and tell me what strikes you…don’t forget to think out loud.

What are you drawn to first on this page, and elaborate on why?



Now I’m going to ask you to think about how you would perform specific tasks.  Remember, I am not testing you on you library skills, there are no wrong answers – just think out loud.

Before driving to the library, you want to make sure that the periodical area is open on Sundays.  Do you think you could find that out on this site?  Where?  Do you feel like this was easy to find? 

You have to read The Grapes of Wrath for your English class and you want to see if KSU owns this book.  Where would you go?

You need to contact the circulation desk about an OhioLink item, where would you find this phone number?

It is mid-semester and you still haven’t finished The Grapes of Wrath.  How would you go about renewing this book?

You want to look at a rare copy of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep that LMS owns in its Special Collection Department. Where would you go to find out more information about Special Collections?

Where would you click to find the library floor plan? (to find out which books are on which floors?)

You want to print your color document for class.  How would you find out how much that will cost?

What would you click on to find out about the library’s 60 minute seminars?

Your professor wants you to write a paper on Liver Disease and she requires that you use three journal articles.  Where would you go to find articles about this topic?

Your student organization needs you to make a flyer in Photoshop and you don’t have it on your computer.  Where would you find out if the library has computers with this program?



Ok, we are done with specific tasks.  Do you have any questions so far?  Next we are going look at some of the elements on the page that we haven’t looked at yet.

First, let’s look at the tabs across the top.  What do you expect you would find when you clicked on each of them?

Look at the icons on the page. What do you think each of them stands for?

What kind of things do you expect to see in the “Quick Jump to…” pull-down menu?

Did you notice the search box?  What types of things would you use this for?  Is this a good place for this?

What would you expect to get if you clicked on “Subject Guides” link?

What would you expect to get if you clicked on “Create Multimedia” link?

In looking at this page, do you feel like there's anything missing?

Is there anything you would like to move to another location?

PMI – Other Sketches

Ok, thanks for your patience.  We are almost done.  Thanks for looking at this page. Is there anything else you'd like to say about it?

I have three other pages I'd like to show you, now.

[Show second sketch] Is there anything that strikes you or interests you about this page?

[Show third sketch] What about this page?

[Show fourth sketch] And this one?

Is there one of the sketches I've shown you that you like more than the others? I can show you them again if you need a refresher. [Upon response]